Chasing Tails Pricing

Comprehensive Exam & House Call

  • College Station Comprehensive Exam & House Call $75.00
  • NEW College Station Client Pricing  $60.00 ($15.00 discount) 
  • Bryan Comprehensive Exam & House Call  $80.00 (***Within 15 minutes of our home office in South College Station***)
  • Additional Travel Time Charges (based on Google Maps) ​$25.00 per each additional 20 minutes of travel time
  • Comprehensive Exam for additional pets within the same household $35.00 ​

***Prices reflected are for calls within 20 minutes of our home office located in South College Station. If you are located beyond 20 minutes away please refer to the "additional travel time charges" or call us for pricing ***

Wellness Services 

  • Routine Annual Canine Vaccinations (Includes Rabies 1 or 3 year, Distemper/Parvo Vaccination, Bordetella/Kennel Cough Vaccination) $55.00 
  • Routine Annual Feline Vaccinations (Includes Rabies 1 or 3 year, Feline Leukemia, FVRCP) $70.00 
  • Fecal Flotation $18.50​
  • Canine Heartworm Tests (in house) $45 
  • Feline FIV/Feline LeukemiaTesting (in house) $46.50
  • Routine Blood Work (in house CBC and Chemistry) $105.00
  • Thyroid Testing (T4)/Cholesterol Testing  (in house) $65.00
  • Urinalysis (in house) $45.50
  • Anal Gland Expression $15.50
  • ​Nail Trim $15.50

Minor Injury and Illness: Basic Diagnostic Testing

  • Comprehensive Blood Work (in house CBC and Comprehensive Chemistry) $132.00
  • Parvo Testing (in house) $36.00
  • Giardia Testing (in house) $27.00
  • Ear Cytology (for ear infections/in house) $22.50
  • Skin Scrapes (to look for skin mites/in house) $18.50
  • Mass Aspiration/ Cytology (in house) $22.50
  • Radiographs (Xrays/ In house)  - All Radiographs are sent to a Board Certified Radiologist for Consultation/ Prices are dependent on recommened xray views.
    Canine Less than 60lbs $145-195
    Canine Greater than 60lbs $155-215
    ​Feline $170-195

We are happy to provide free estimates over the phone to give you a better idea of what to expect in terms of costs based on the clinical signs your pet is showing.  After the examination by a doctor, your doctor will ultimately determine what would suit your pet best and be in his or her best interest. We will discuss the options with you and find what works best for your pet and your family. 

Puppy Packages 

Puppy Wellness Package (6/8 weeks to 14/16 weeks old)
Includes 3 house calls, Distemper/Parvo Boosters at each visit, Rabies vaccination, Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccination, Intestinal Parasite Screening, 4 Dewormings, 1 month heartworm/flea prevention, and a nail trim.

May be paid out as: $80 the first visit, and $60.00 each additional visit. Completion of puppy pack is required once started.

Kitten Packages

Coming Soon. 

Spay & Neuter Pricing

ALL CANINE PROCEDURES & FELINE SPAY INCLUDE: House call/ preanesthetic examination, IV catheter and fluids, presurgical pain medications, induction medication, anesthesia and anesthesia monitoring, and recovery.

  • Canine Spay 
    <25 lbs $200
    25-50 lbs $220
    50-75 lbs $240
    >75 lbs $275
  • Canine Neuter
    <25 lbs $175
    25-50 lbs $200
    >50 lbs $230
  • Feline Spay $160​
  • ​Feline Neuter (performed on routine house call) $75
  • Dental Cleaning Pricing  Based on degree of periodontal disease (contact us!) ​

Travel fee for on-site surgeries is $25.00. Preanesthetic blood work, Heartworm testing, FIV/Feline Luekemia testing are additional. Pain medications are additional and recommendations will be made based on your pet's weight, temperament, and blood work results (if chosen). ​We carry soft sided e-collars for the comfort of your pet.

Surgery Forms

Gentle At Home Euthanasia

House Call with Euthanasia Service

  • Includes Sedation, Euthanasia, Paw Print & Hair Clipping, Ashes Scattered at Local Pet Cemetery  $200
  • After-hours at home euthanasias are avialable based on the avialability of the doctor. After-hours fees are $50-100.00 depending on time of day/ weekend. 

For Additional Body Care Options visit: http://www.petlegaciesbcs.com. Please note that for ashes returned/cremation services through pet legacies there is an additional charge billed by pet legacies.

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