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Tips for road tripping with pets

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Tips for road tripping with pets
With summer vacation just around the corner, many families want to bring their pets with them on family road trips.  Preparing in advance for all of your pet’s needs will ensure that everyone, including Fido has a good experience away from home.
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How Chasing Tails Mobile Veterinary Service Works
Are you on the fence about using a mobile veterinary service because you're not really sure how it works? Well we made a short and informative video on who we are as Chasing Tails Mobile Veterinary Services and exactly what we do! We'd love for you and your pets to become part of our house call family!
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Heat exhaustion in dogs

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Heat exhaustion in dogs
Warmer weather can be a welcome break from cooler winter weather, but with the heat comes the danger of overheating for our furry family members.  Heat exhaustion can lead to serious health implications, including internal organ failure and cardiac arrest.  Unlike people, dogs only sweat from their paw pads, which doesn’t drastically help to cool the body down.  Instead, dogs pant or open mouth breathe rapidly to dissipate heat.  In very warm or humid temperatures, panting isn’t enough for the...
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Can Rabies Vaccinations Cause Cancer?

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Vaccinations are just one way that cat owners can ensure that their furry family members stay healthy. Vaccines can lessen the severity of some diseases, while others can completely prevent diseases from happening in the first place. Like any medical procedure, vaccination carries certain risks which should be weighed with the benefits of keeping one’s pet current on vaccinations.
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