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What about Lupo?

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Prince William and Kate's first child just turned 1 years old! But Dr. Marvel, a veterinarian in The College Station area, asks, "What about Lupo?"

Last year, a black Cocker Spaniel puppy named Lupo (Italian for wolf) with big floppy ears joined the royal family. Despite their high energy level, Cocker Spaniels can be intelligent and loyal family members. But what health concerns should these fairly new parents have as their young prince plays with their furry friend?

Prince William and Kate should educate themselves on the prevention of zoonotic diseases (diseases transferable to humans from animals). Keys to prevention include vaccination and deworming, and here is why:


Puppy vaccinations are important — not only because they protect your puppy from illnesses like parvo or distemper, but also because they protect your family from zoonotic illnesses, like Rabies and Leptospirosis. If Lupo lived in College Station, TX, it would be important for him to go through a series of 3 puppy shots starting at 8 weeks old. Lupo would receive boosters at 10 months of age for Bordetella, and again at 15 months of age. Based on a risk-assessment, Lupo might also be vaccinated for Leptospirosis (a zoonotic disease).


It is rare to find a puppy that does not have intestinal parasites, but why? Certain GI parasites lay dormant in the mother’s tissues (safe from our dewormers), then, when mom gives birth, they move into her mammary tissue and are passed through her milk to the innocent little pups. Just like vaccinations, it's not only important to eliminate these parasites for the sake of your puppies’ health, but also because they can pose a zoonotic risk. Hookworms, for instance, can penetrate the skin of humans and hang out there. Yuck! Again, if Lupo lived in College Station, TX, it would be recommended that he be dewormed every 2 weeks from the ages 3 weeks old to 9 weeks old, and then dewormed monthly from 6 months of age. Fortunately, many of our heartworm preventions today also contain dewormer. Routine fecal checks (checking the feces for worms and other
parasites) also help ensure we are appropriately treating what is present.

These are just two quick tips for these new parents as it won’t be long until the young prince and the royal puppy are romping together like old pals. Fortunately, veterinarians exist not only to protect and care for your furry family members but also to protect your human family from transferable illnesses.

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